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11-Apr-2016 21:02

The portfolio design of a web designer is an ever-evolving process of redesign after redesign.

It is their portal to prospective clients and employers and thus has to, in itself, show off the web designer’s wide-range of skills while pushing...

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One thing I miss however, is not being able to see the page being built as I make edits directly into the HTML...Dreamweaver does.... Not only have I used it to spice up a district website used to teach teachers how to use technology in the classroom, but I've also used it to enhance a web portal used only by new incoming Principals. I have tested nearly every web development tool on both Mac and PC platforms, and Web Design is my favorite!

then again, it's much, much less expensive than Dreamweaver with some incredibly impressive features. ""When we started my wife's business I had to teach myself to make a website using i Web. Everyone loves the wonderful graphic interactive additions! The work environment is text-based, but extensive HTML and Java Script tools, syntax coloring, and live previews make life easy.

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