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10-Oct-2016 17:21

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.510 Registration system for adults who have committed sex crimes or crimes against minors -- Persons required to register -- Manner of registration -- Penalties -- Notifications of violations required. .530 Authority to share information from registrations. .545 Registrant prohibited from residing in certain areas and being present on school grounds -- Violations -- Exception. .574 Forwarding of relevant information by certain facilities to approved provider for review prior to release -- Confidentiality. .549 False statements to law enforcement officials regarding noncompliant registrant -- Harboring -- Violation. .552 Approval requirement for sexual offender risk evaluations or treatment -- Exemptions. .580 Duty of Department of Kentucky State Police to maintain and update Web site containing information about adults who have committed sex crimes or crimes against minors -- Immunity from liability for good faith dissemination of information -- Justice and Public Safety Cabinet to establish toll-free telephone number -- Permission for local law enforcement agency to notify of registrants in jurisdiction.

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Experts are warning of the dangers of a new messaging app that is being used by sex offenders to contact children.Ferdinandus said New Zealanders visited known child abuse imagery website 50,000 to 60,000 times every day.